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The Experts

100 experts on happiness and success create the big picture. 


Every expert shares a particular perspective that is based on their own personality, strengths and weaknesses, and personal life experiences. The advice they offer may or may not work for each of us, depending on our own personalities and life experiences. Perhaps the expert was a fearful, cautious person, restricted by anxieties. A life-defining moment or trauma forced him/her to see the world differently, summon the courage from within, and move forward. For another expert, it might have been gratitude, finding purpose, being authentic, conquering negative thoughts, or breaking goals into baby steps – that turned things around. Each of these experts has a great story to tell and valuable advice to offer, but it’s only one piece of the puzzle. We need all of the pieces to see the big picture - because we're all different and because those pieces interlock.

Every expert adds

 a valuable piece to the PUZZLE, based on his/her perspective and personal life experiences. We bring them all together to give you 


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The mindsets for happiness and success build upon one another. 

Optimistic people are more resilient and better equipped to face adversity. People with purpose are motivated to persevere and push their fears aside because something else is more important. It takes courage to be authentic, which allows us to be vulnerable and create better relationships. Those social connections help us stay positive and resilient. Empathy results in kindness, mindfulness and gratitude. Gratitude helps us build an optimistic outlook. All of these mindsets make us happier, and research tells us that happy people are healthier and much more likely to be successful in life. 


We believe the big picture helps everyone understand what it really takes to achieve happiness and success. So, MINDPOWER ToolBox brings together the advice of over a hundred experts, makes sense of it all, and delivers the twelve most important mindsets in a simple structured format that makes it easy to learn and weave them into daily life. Check out some of the experts (below) that we have learned from, quote, and reference in our ToolBox.

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