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The ToolBox

A revolutionary new way to learn.

The MINDPOWER ToolBox is based on recent discoveries in neuroscience, proven practices in positive psychology, and the advice of over 100 experts who study happiness and success. Most importantly, we paid close attention to the basic rules for forming habits and learning new thought patterns, which are as follows:


1.  Focus on one thing at a time. The ToolBox includes twelve notebooks covering twelve mindsets, one a month for twelve months. This keeps attention and focus on one topic at a time for thirty days. 

2.  Begin with something so easy you can’t fail. All you do for the first five days is read a couple of minutes of interesting background information about the topic. 

3.  Attach it to something you already do. We suggest doing this with your morning coffee, tea, or breakfast, so it’s easy to remember and your willpower is at its highest level for the day.

4.  Do it for at least twenty-one days. The first five days of easy reading are followed by twenty-five days of repetitive, but slightly different, mental tasks. That provides more than the 21 days needed to build new habits.



5.  Avoid resistance by making it easy to start the task. Since all you have to do is grab a cup of coffee (not too difficult) to begin the task, you probably won't have a problem with resistance. 

6.  Spend at least 5-10 seconds on each thought. Staying focused longer strengthens neural connections. 

7.  Apply the new way of thinking to daily interactions. Repetition helps build new habits faster. After the first 5-10 days, situations during the day will remind you to use this new way of thinking. Eventually it becomes automatic. 


8.  Interact with tasks/thoughts or write them down. We ask you to do both. Taking the time to think about situations, formulate answers, and then write them down helps build stronger neural connections.

9.  Follow up with a reward. There is a chart at the beginning of the notebook to record progress with happy faces. The association of the daily task with a quiet, relaxing cup of coffee is a also a mini-reward in and of itself.  


Each mini-notebook measures 4” x 5” and all twelve come stacked in a 10” x 10” glossy black box. There are thirty pages for thirty days. The first five days provide introductory information about the mindset: what it is, why it's important, how it will impact your life, and how you create that mindset. The next twenty-five pages consist of strategically designed questions (one a day) that guide your thoughts in a specific direction, while your brain builds new neural connections based on those thoughts. Since you have a full month to focus on one mindset, situations will undoubtedly pop up throughout the day/week/month, giving you opportunities to practice and strengthen those new neural connections.

Each topic has a mantra that defines the mindset. It’s a phrase that will be repeated on each question page so that it becomes embedded in your mind. For example, the mantra for perseverance is WINNERS PLAN TO FAIL. Successful people know that what they plan doesn’t always work out, and that they are going to fail many times before they succeed. They understand that this is simply part of the learning process. So, instead of feeling hopeless and giving up, they move forward with Plan B or Plan C. You will be asked to create a quick Plan B and Plan C for some of our own personal goals. This helps you begin to see that "planning to fail" is a necessary part of the road to success - as your brains builds a neural pathway for your perseverance mindset.

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For those who enjoy a deeper understanding of the research behind the development of the ToolBox, we include an introductory brochure that provides the basic information we gathered on success, happiness, neuroscience, positive psychology, and habit research. The more you understand the science behind this program, the easier it is to shift your beliefs and the more open you will be to the thought process used to rewire your brain. It's optional, but not necessary. We include plenty of background information in each notebook. 

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The price is $195/ToolBox

We have discounts for volume purchases of 50+ units, 100+ units, 500+, units and 1000+ units.

For more information, contact or

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