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The Workshop


Book a workshop and CELEBRATE more

focus, more creativity, more teamwork, happier and healthier employees,

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SUCCESS at work.

MINDPOWER ToolBox Workshop 

We are bombarded every day with new ideas and information about how we can make our lives better. But no matter how excited we are, how important it is, or how much we wanted to do something, we turn off the computer, put down the book, or leave the workshop – and go back to our daily lives. Most of us forget about that great idea within forty-eight hours. We are creatures of habit. 


Most experts, authors, and thought leaders set us up for failure. They are very good at informing and inspiring, but they ignore the science on how people actually learn and change. They always deliver the WHAT and the WHY, and they may explain HOW we should do whatever it is they think we should do, but they leave us hanging without a practical HOW that we can take back and weave into our busy lives. Something that will keep us inspired and engaged long enough to actually learn and change. 


MINDPOWER ToolBox is the practical HOW people need to succeed. The last two decades of research in neuroplasticity, positive psychology, and behavioral science have resulted in extraordinary scientific discoveries that open a huge door for us. We now know that we have the ability to choose how we think, rewire our brains, and totally change our lives. We can create and control our futures in ways we never dreamed possible.

  The 2 or 3 hour MINDPOWER ToolBox Workshop will cover the following:

  1.  The Research: Insights From Over 100 Experts 


Success – what the experts say about success.

Happiness – what the experts say about happiness.

Positive Psychology – how thoughts control our lives.

Neuroplasticity – how we change the way we think.

Behavioral Science – how we create new habits.


2.   The Big Picture: The Twelve Mindsets for Success.


An introduction to the twelve mindsets, with benefits and insights from the experts, along with engaging, interactive experiences that demonstrate exactly how we can rewire our brains to create those new mindsets.

3.  How to Rewire the Brain - in Five Minutes a Day. 


The basic rules for building habits and developing mindsets. Why you can't do this on your phone. 


Workshop participants leave the workshop feeling:


Hopeful about future possibilities. 

Confident they have what they need to succeed.  

Excited to go home and get started with their ToolBox.

Lorle Campos

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Hi, I'm Lorle Campos, Founder and CEO for MINDPOWER ToolBox. After I received a degree from UC Berkeley (pre-med and psychology) I decided to go in the opposite direction and earned a degree in design at FIDM in LA. Twenty years studying the literature and research on happiness and success (both kids and adults) has evolved into a passion for developing tools that take people from INSPIRATION to ACTION. Every day we're exposed to more and more information, and left with less time to read. We all need help absorbing valuable information that can make our lives better - and finding ways to apply it to our busy lives. That's what I do.

 For more information on workshop fees or availability, please contact Lorle at: 

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