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How to open doors with the KEY TO SUCCESS Box

Another very important aspect of success is getting your foot in the door. Without that, you go nowhere, and it doesn't matter how great your product, service, or personality is. We all know how difficult it is to stand out in a crowd of people who are all trying to stand out. Whether it's a job interview, a new client, a chance to pitch to an investor, or a potential business partner, the hardest part is getting your foot in the door. 


I design custom packages that will - without fail - get the attention of the person you want to communicate with. They are unique; personalized with a strategic, compelling message and a whimsical touch that delights the recipient so much he/she has to immediately get up and share it with whoever is around. Now that's powerful marketing! In fact, the best kind of marketing is when someone wants to tell others about something you did. 

Below is an example of a Key to Success package I designed for myself. I have used it to get a job interview, obtain a speaking engagement, set up a meeting with an investor, and talk to a potential business partner. The quote, message, content and images were revised for each situation, but it has been extremely successful in opening doors EVERY TIME I use it. In fact, one investor I met with wasn't that interested in the concept I was pitching and, instead, spent twenty minutes trying to convince me that I should start a business making these customized Key to Success packages because, he said, "everyone needs that kind of help." So here it is.   



You might have a great product or a great service, but if you don't know how to OPEN DOORS and get in front of the people that matter,

it's as if you have NOTHING.

Contact Lorle at for more information. 

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