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MINDPOWER ToolBox brings you the SCIENCE of SUCCESS in a

cutting edge, high-performance training tool; for individuals and organizations looking for a competitive edge.


1.  There are NO BOOKS to read, no classes, webinars, or CD’s. 


2.  All it takes is FIVE MINUTES a day - with your morning coffee. 


3.  It creates real PERMANENT CHANGE by rewiring the brain. 

4.  You get advice from 100 EXPERTS without reading a single book.

5.  It's like a PERSONAL COACH who keeps you motivated.















MINDPOWER benefits for individuals:
1.  Become more focused, productive and collaborative at work.
2.  Create deeper, more meaningful and satisfying relationships.  
3.  Develop an awareness of how emotions affect you and others.  
4.  Manage your emotions and make better, smarter decisions.
5.  Learn how to harness fear and use it to your advantage.
6.  Look for and appreciate the good in people and situations.
7.  Become happy from within, not dependent on circumstances. 
8.  Experience more energy, more calm, less stress, less illness.
MINDPOWER benefits for leaders:
1.  Communicate, negotiate and influence more effectively.
2.  Make better judgements about how your decisions affect others.
3.  Build trust and loyalty through transparency and authenticity.
4.  Inspire and motivate others with calm, confident resilience.     
5.  Help people manage and navigate through difficult changes.
6.  Tackle obstacles and achieve goals you never thought possible. 
7.  Manage difficult decisions and damage control more effectively. 
8.  Be the guiding light and moral compass people need you to be.


The best PREDICTOR of success is NOT intelligence, talent, education, or experience. 

Success is 90% in the Mind


Scientists now know that success revolves around our ability to understand and manage our emotions, thoughts and relationships. When we react emotionally, without thinking, we often make poor choices and regret things we say and do. The ancient fight-or-flight part of our brain takes over, blocking connection to the thinking part of the brain. Some of these mindsets, often referred to as Emotional Intelligence (EQ), help us stop, think, and choose the best way to respond. Experts who study successful people talk about a variety of skill sets, attitudes and habits that lead to success, but they all agree on one thing: success is 90% in the mind.

"One of the most SIGNIFICANT findings

in psychology in the last twenty years is that

individuals can CHOOSE

 the way they think."

Martin Seligman, author of Learned Optimism 

We can rewire our brains to think differently.
Twenty years of research in neuroscience and positive psychology have shown us that every thought and emotion we experience changes the structure of our brain. We also know that we have the ability, at any age, to change the way we think, and that how we think affects every aspect of our lives. If success is 90% in the mind, the only way to achieve excellence, in both our personal and professional lives, is to master the mindsets that lead to success. 

MINDPOWER takes  Emotional Intelligence training to the


We included all 12 emotional skill sets for success.


Emotional Intelligence has been the big buzzword for the last two decades and the focus has been on the ability to recognize, understand and manage emotions in yourself and in your relationships with others. Emotional Intelligence is now one of the top ten job skills that employers look for. No program for success would be complete, however, without resilience, optimism, courage, perseverance, accountability, purpose, and gratitude. There is too much research to support the powerful impact these mindsets can have on both our personal and professional success. See all twelve mindsets in Toolbox.

We developed a revolutionary new way to learn.


So much has changed in the last two decades with the amount of information available via the internet. Yet experts, authors, and trainers continue to deliver that information in the same way they always have: presentations, books, webinars and CD's. Videos are a newer addition that make it easier to stay focused on content, but everyone is still ignoring the research that tells us how people actually learn. Books and CD's are old-school. They are good at informing and inspiring, but they don't get us to the finish line and create real change. The MINDPOWER ToolBox is a simple-to-follow, thirty-day program to rewire the brain with each of the twelve most important mindsets for happiness and success. One mindset a month. Five minutes a day.



All it takes is


while you relax with your morning COFFEE. 

You get nuggets of wisdom from a hundred experts.


The MINDPOWER ToolBox is based on exciting discoveries in neuroscience, proven practices in positive psychology, plus the sage advice of over a hundred leading experts who study success and happiness. The ToolBox includes twelve mini-notebooks that act like your own personal coach. Each notebook provides thirty days of information, inspiration, and science-based, interactive experiences that open your mind, make you think, and stimulate the growth of new neural connections. These new connections are what, ultimately, help you create new - and permanent - ways of thinking.


It's so EASY,

you can't fail. 

We've done all the work for you. 

The MINDPOWER ToolBox was designed around the latest research on how people learn and form new habits. Replacing old habits with new ones is not easy because our brains naturally resist change. It’s a lot easier, however, if you understand how it works. The rules are pretty simple: Focus on one thing at a time, start with something so easy you can’t fail, attach it to something you already do, do it for at least 21 days, and follow up with a reward. And when it comes to creating new ways of thinking, it helps to interact with your thoughts in a way that builds and strengthens neural connections in your brain – such as answering questions or writing things down. We've made it so easy, you can't fail. Learn more about mindsets.