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MINDPOWER ToolBox brings you the SCIENCE of SUCCESS in an 

extraordinary new tool - designed for individuals seeking personal

development and organizations looking for a competitive edge.

















1.  There are NO BOOKS to read, no classes, no webinars, no CD’s. 


2.  All it takes is FIVE MINUTES a day - with your morning coffee. 


3.  It creates real PERMANENT CHANGE by rewiring the brain. 

4.  You get advice from 100 EXPERTS without reading a single book.

5.  It's like a PERSONAL COACH who keeps you motivated daily.


The best PREDICTOR of success is NOT intelligence, talent, education, or experience. 

Scientists now know that success revolves around our ability to understand and manage our emotions, thoughts and relationships. The popular term for this is Emotional Intelligence (EQ). When we react emotionally, without thinking, we often make poor choices and regret things we say and do. Any kind of threat - such as fear of rejection, humiliation, loss, pain, or even disrespect - triggers the ancient fight-or-flight part of our brain to take over and blocks the connection to the thinking part of the brain.

We don't think because we can't think.

Learning how to stop, think calmly, and choose the best way to respond becomes a huge advantage in both our personal and professional lives. Experts who study successful people talk about a variety of skill sets, attitudes and habits that lead to success, but they all agree on one thing:

Success is 90% in the Mind

"One of the most SIGNIFICANT findings
in psychology in the last
twenty years is that

individuals can CHOOSE
 the way they think."

We can rewire our brains to think differently. 
Twenty years of research in neuroscience and positive psychology have shown us that every thought and emotion we experience changes the structure of our brain. Every belief or thought we have programmed into our brains - or that others have programmed into our brains - is translated into electrical impulses that affect, direct and control every feeling and every action we take. 
We also know that we have the ability, at any age, to change the way we think, and that how we think affects every aspect of our lives. Our work, our relationships, our family life, our finances, our health and our happiness. If success is 90% in the mind, the only way to achieve excellence, in both our personal and professional lives, is to master the mindsets that lead to success. 

Martin Seligman, author of Learned Optimism 

 When you CHANGE the way you THINK about your world, your whole world CHANGES.

happy hat.SQ.jpg
Your mind is more powerful than you can imagine. 
Two groups of people - who had never played piano before - were assembled for an experiment. One group sat in front of a piano, twice a day, five days a week, and practiced playing a particular sequence. The other group spent the same amount of time watching and imagining that they were playing that same piece of music - without ever touching the piano. People in both groups had their brains mapped before, during and after the experiment.
At the end, both groups played through the piano sequence and a computer recorded the accuracy of their performance. The results were extraordinary! Both groups showed almost the same ability to play the music, almost the same motor development in their hands, and almost the same amount of increased brain activity. That’s how powerful your mind is! 

 What's MISSING from the  equation for success is MQ,  MENTAL INTELLIGENCE.

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Emotional Intelligence has been the big buzzword in leadership development programs and corporate training for the last two decades. The focus has been on one’s ability to recognize, understand and manage emotions in yourself and in your relationships with others. EQ is now considered one of the top ten job skills that employers look for. But emotional intelligence is only part of the equation. 


According to experts who study successful people, no program for success would be complete without resilience, optimism, courage, perseverance, accountability, purpose, and gratitude. There is an abundance of research to support the powerful impact these mindsets can have on both our personal and professional success. The research in this field takes us beyond the understanding and management of our emotions and into the practice of actually creating more productive thought patterns. This has led to the addition of MENTAL INTELLIGENCE into the equation for success, which is IQ + EQ + MQ. Mental Intelligence is the ability to:
          1.  DEVELOP more positive and productive thought patterns.
          2.  RE-PROGRAM your mind with these new thought patterns.
          3.  INVITE these thought patterns into your mind when needed.

TRAINING your mind will soon be as MAINSTREAM as training your body. 

2019-04-10_14-55-42 @ 301 copy.jpg
Mental intelligence is what successful people, from all walks of life, have developed that sets them apart from those who don’t succeed. Mental Intelligence helps them stay focused, positive, calm, confident, creative, and productive - when the stakes are high. 
Many of us make some effort to work out - or think about working out. We train our bodies because we believe it will lead to a longer healthier life. We also make decisions daily about which foods are healthy enough to put into our bodies and which are too toxic to eat or drink. To be successful in life, we have to do the same thing with our minds. We need to learn how to recognize and replace negative or self-sabotaging thoughts and mindsets with positive and productive ones. 
In the same way that exercising and eating well have become widely accepted requirements for a long and healthy life, training your mind will soon become a mainstream practice for happiness and success.



Winners make a HABIT


like a winner. 

AdobeStock_192099384_2000 2.jpg
Successful people "habitize" to be more productive.
The more habits you create, mental or physical, the less energy you need to spend on getting things done and the freer your mind is for more important, focused, productive, and creative work. Elite performers, from athletes to scientists and businessmen to entertainers, tend to “habitize” as much of their lives as they can, mentally and physically - which is why people are always so amazed at how much they can accomplish in a day. Articles written about successful people often include the rituals and habits they’ve created in their morning routines that include exercise, meditation, journaling, reading, etc., to prepare them - both mentally and physically - for a productive day. Winners make a habit out of thinking like a winner.



Books, CDs, and webinars are old-school. They IGNORE the SCIENCE on how people actually learn and create CHANGE.

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We don't need more information. We need tools that help us apply that information to life. 


So much has changed in the last two decades with the amount of information available via the internet. Yet experts, authors, and trainers continue to deliver that information in the same way they always have: presentations, books, webinars and CD's. Videos make it easier to stay focused on content, but everyone is still ignoring the research that tells us how people actually learn. Books and CD's are old-school. They are good at informing and inspiring, but they don't get us to the finish line and create real change. The truth is we don't need more information. We are overwhelmed as it is. We need tools that help us apply that information to our daily lives. 


The MINDPOWER ToolBox is a simple-to-follow, thirty-day program to rewire the brain with each of the twelve most important mindsets for happiness and success. One mindset a month. Five minutes a day.



All it takes is


while you relax with your morning COFFEE. 

AdobeStock_117447802 blk wht.jpg

You get nuggets of wisdom from 100 experts.


The MINDPOWER ToolBox is based on exciting discoveries in neuroscience, proven practices in positive psychology, plus the sage advice of over a hundred leading experts who study success and happiness. The ToolBox includes twelve mini-notebooks that act like your own personal coach. Each notebook provides thirty days of information, inspiration, and science-based, interactive experiences that open your mind, make you think, and stimulate the growth of new neural connections. These new connections are what, ultimately, help you create new - and permanent - ways of thinking.


It's so EASY,

you can't fail. 


We've done all the work for you. 

The MINDPOWER ToolBox was designed around the latest research on how people learn and form new habits. Replacing old habits with new ones is not easy because our brains naturally resist change. It’s a lot easier, however, if you understand how it works. The rules are pretty simple: Focus on one thing at a time, start with something so easy you can’t fail, attach it to something you already do, do it for at least 21 days, and follow up each success with a reward. And when it comes to creating new ways of thinking, it helps to interact with your thoughts in a way that builds and strengthens neural connections in your brain – such as answering questions or writing things down. We've made it so easy, you can't fail. Learn more about mindsets.
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